Luxembourg, an attractive destination for expats

The Grand Duchy ranks in the top 20 destinations for expatriates according to the Expat Insider 2017 ranking, carried out by InterNations. With almost half its population composed of foreigners, it is not surprising to find Luxembourg again this year at the top of the InterNations, ranking on the most pleasant places to live for expatriates.

Luxembourg, place of choice 

This new study by InterNations confirms the Grand Duchy’s tendency to attract expatriates. Indeed, the country was ranked among the 10 preferred destinations of expatriates worldwide in August 2016. The two major advantages described by expatriates are security and work.
The Grand Duchy ranks 14th out of 65 and represents the 6th European country, behind Portugal (5th – it has gained 23 places since last year), Malta (7th), Spain (10th), the Czech Republic (11th) and the Netherlands (13th).
However, it lost five places compared to the 2016 edition of Expat Insider, where it ranked 9th and represented the 3rd European country.

1st for job security 

In terms of quality of life, Luxembourg is close to the top 10 with 11th place – Portugal ranks 1st. It scores well in the safety and security category (5th).
Another strong point of the Grand Duchy: work. Luxembourg is in 4th place in this chapter and is at the top of the job security classification. However, it is only 28th in the work-life balance.
On the other hand, expatriates feel that it is not so simple to settle in the country. Luxembourg is in 40th position in this chapter, and only 47th in the “conviviality” section of the inhabitants and 46th in the “making friends” section.
This ranking is based on responses from over 12,500 expatriates representing 166 nationalities and living in 188 different countries.

Luxembourg, one of the most favorable countries for family life 

According to a recent study by InterNations, the Grand Duchy is in 14th position among the most favorable countries to settle its family there when one is expatriated.
When people who have decided to leave their country of origin have to choose a country to settle their family there, they have to think about several criteria, including the quality of family life.
Luxembourg continues to attract expatriates. InterNations conducted a study at the end of January 2017, which ranks countries according to 5 sub-indices based on 43 different criteria as the most favorable countries to the arrival of an expatriate family thanks to the quality of life they can offer. In this overall ranking, thanks to the job opportunities it offers, its pleasant environment and its high quality of services in terms of health care and education, Luxembourg ranks 17th – out of 191 territories concerned, for 14,300 expatriates surveyed.

If we focus more particularly on the “family life” criterion, Luxembourg once again performs in 14th place out of 45 concerned countries – to be taken into account the countries must have at least 31 expatriates interviewed who live on their territory with their dependent family. Our neighboring countries are also well placed with a 9th position for Belgium, a 10th position for Germany and an 11th position for France.
Furthermore, the study shows that although Luxembourg is not a model pupil in terms of the availability of childcare services, it is among the best in terms of family welfare and child safety.

Luxembourg is a great place to live for expatriates but settling in is not so easy.


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