Where to enjoy gorgeous meals and get a brunch in Luxembourg city?

To satisfy such customers, these places must offer unforgettable food experiences elaborated with local products.

Here is a short list of the main restaurants customers really enjoy. Their prices may be very competitive.

Ready: A lovely and authentic place to get a light meal with delicious juices. Vegetarians are welcome of course. 35 Avenue du Bois, Luxembourg.

Website: http://readycoffeeshop.lu/wordpress/

Beet: Simply food with marvellous tastes. 32 place Guillaume, Luxembourg II

Website: https://www.beet.lu/

Kathy’s Deli & Cupcakery: If you enjoy cupcakes, you will find this place the best one. 9 rue de Strasbourg.

Website: http://www.kathys.lu/

Charles Sandwiches: If you prefer american food, this address will be yours. You could appreciate real sandwiches with rich salads. 19 rue Chimay, Luxembourg.

Website: http://charles-sandwiches.lu/

Come à la maison: Italian BeautyFood. Funny names and Italian food for people looking for a typical ambiance and good recipes. 70 route d’Esch.

Website: https://www.comealamaison.lu/

Clairefontaine: For those who want to enjoy French and European food. Veggie food is available. 9 place de Clairefontaine, Luxembourg.

Website: http://www.restaurantclairefontaine.lu/

Le Sud: You will taste the real French and European food cooked with genuine recipes. Vegetarians are welcome, and you can find glutenless meals too. 8 Rives de Clausen, Luxembourg.

Website: https://le-sud.lu/

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