Luxembourgish or commuter coming from surrounding countries? You will soon travel for free inside Luxembourg.

The Ministry of Mobility officially confirmed that all the public transports in Luxembourg will be free by 2020. Luxembourg already offers the least expensive public transportation compared to other European countries. In a year, the country will be the first in the world to offer free public transportation.

When will the plan be active?

Since most of the public transports’ users pay for annual tickets, the government of Luxembourg decided that the plan would be active on March 1, 2020. Indeed, according to the officials, they preferred delaying the plan (originally planned for summer 2019) instead of issuing refunds to all the citizens who already paid their annual tickets. That is why, starting February 29th, 2019, new or non-annual pass users are welcomed to use daily or monthly passes, until the plan is active. On March 1, 2020, everyone will be able to travel for free inside Luxembourg.

Who will benefit from the free public transportation?

Once the plan is in place, everyone will be able to use the public transports for free. The plan is particularly appreciated by the people of Luxembourg, but also by the hundreds of thousands of cross-border commuters from the surrounding countries such as France, Belgium, or Germany, who come to Luxembourg each day for work or tourism. Furthermore, under this new system, all the passengers will be required to carry identification in order to preserve regulation and security in the public transports.

Why did Luxembourg choose free public transportation?

According to the officials, implementing free public transportation in Luxembourg is an efficient way to protect the environment by reducing heavy traffic congestion. In addition to the 600,000 residents of Luxembourg, the country also sees hundreds of thousands of cross-border commuters everyday. This situation puts a huge pressure on the roads and contributes to local air pollution. The plan is designed to encourage the travelers to use the public transports instead of their cars. Furthermore, Luxembourg plans to convert all its gas buses to all-electric ones within the next years.

Which transportation services are concerned?

All the public transportation services (trains, buses and trams) funded by the state of Luxembourg like CFL, Luxtram, TICE and the RGTR buses are concerned by the plan. In order to allow the users to keep a chance to travel and/or work in quiet while riding on the trains, the first-class seating will remain a paid service. Regarding the municipal public transports, the mayors will decide if they will be part of the plan or not. However, the mayor of Luxembourg City already declared that the city with its trams and AVL buses will be part of the plan starting March 1, 2020. The government is now waiting for the decision of the other towns.

Who will pay for the plan and how?

The cost of the free public transportation in Luxembourg is estimated to be around €41 million per year. The government declared that the financial contribution for the plan will come from all the tax payers in the country. As the officials said, this financial way to contribute to the plan is already used for the road system and works perfectly well.


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