Trick questions


The theme of “Hobbies and leisure” is an excellent way of getting an idea about the skills and personality of the applicant. For example, if you like team sports (football, handball, basketball), the recruiter may follow up: what position do you play on the field: defender, striker?

If you prefer individual sports or if you don’t like sport, no worries, you can easily justify your choices objectively.


These could be theoretical but also practical. Role-plays may be used to assess your analysis capabilities.


The recruiter may also test your general knowledge (economics, geography, history, literature, etc.). This type of open question is asked to find out what you know but also to gauge your reaction: do you take time to think? Are you prepared to admit that you don’t know the answer?


It is always difficult to talk about oneself, and yet recruiters need to find out who you are. Therefore, you should be prepared for questions such as: “what do your friends say about you?”, Or “what does your former employer think about you?”

This approach helps the recruiter to see what image you think you convey to your personal and professional entourage. Try to not be too self-congratulatory, nor too reserved…


When the recruiter is dealing with an experienced candidate, they will ask at what stage they think they are in their career today.

This question simply allows them to establish how you have formed a thought process about yourself, and see how objective you are about your career. Try to avoid talking about events in your private life!

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